The conceptual program called the Open Science is implemented by the International Scientific Registry Socrates–Notion in the sphere of ensuring effective and available communications between scientists and the wide public, as well as the development of additional informal methods of social education and popularization of science. The program assumes the development and distribution of the complex of decorations (special items - material elements) within the framework of the Socrates–Notion project. These decorations are to be visually perceptible by people around. They individualize scientists and emphasize them in the social environment. Such exclusive decorations provide the unlimited number of persons concerned with the chance to easily determine scientists and address them with matters within the scope of their scientific activity. Public use of the above-mentioned decorations by scientists assumes their desire to demonstrate their status and communicate with persons concerned on matters of the corresponding scientific problem in accordance with rules of the present Regulations.

Therefore main functions of Socrates–Notion are:

  • Registration of the scientist and allocation of his or her personal data, as well as information about original publications, professional statuses, achievements and innovative ideas in the system of the Registry.
  • Systematic (chronological), operative integration and unification of new (additional) information in the Registry figurant's account.
  • Generation of universal means of ensuring operative access to information and maintaining their actuality.
  • Electronic presentation of the scientist based on ensuring access of persons concerned to the actual information presented on the scientist's personal page (account) the Registry.
  • Promoting effective communications between figurants of the Registry and interested third parties.

Every participant of the conceptual program of the Registry called the Open Science, using his or her Registry decorations in public therefore agrees for possible open communication with persons concerned in accordance with norms of the present Regulations.