Any figurant of the Registry whose personal scientific bibliography includes from 20 to 40 original publications in official scientific editions has the right to pass the Bibliographical scientific-analytical doctoral program of the IASHE in accordance with the preferential procedure determined in the present Regulations.

Bibliographic programs for figurants of the Registry are implemented in accordance with rules of the IASHE, but taking into account peculiarities assumed by the present Regulations.

Bibliographic scientific-analytical doctoral programs – are qualification-related procedures of assessment and acknowledgement of high scientific and educational competence of researchers characterized by significant activity in promulgation of their original studies as well as the general fruitfulness and effectiveness of their scientific creativity.

Within the framework of implementation of the bibliographic scientific-analytical doctoral program researchers pass the professional assessment procedure in order to obtain the following qualifications (degrees): 1) Master of scientific-analytical creativity /"biblio" (MSAC/B) (20 and more credit publications); 2) Doctor of scientific-analytical creativity/"biblio" (DSAC/B) (40 and more credit publications).

The IASHE implements the attestation (assessment) and status (presumption) format of the bibliographic doctoral program. Attestation format is only available for participants of the IASHE GISAP project and assumes the systematic expertise and assessment of quality of original scientific publications.

Figurants of the Registry have the right to take part in the status format of the bibliographic doctoral program without any additional terms. The status format of the program is based on the high quality presumption of the general set of the author's scientific publications without organization of their actual expert attestation.

The status qualification is verified by the special doctoral diploma of the IASHE.

The cost of participation in the program: for the Master's status - 600.0 €; for the Doctor's status - 1000.0 €.

In case if the Socrates–Notion figurants they have any questions connected with the procedure of implementation of bibliographical doctoral programs introduced by the IASHE, they may address managers of the Registry.