Social mission
Social purposes of implementation of the project called the International Scientific Registry Socrates–Notion are expressed in the fact that its functioning is aimed at achievement of the positive effect in the global social environment. As science is one of the basic system-forming spheres ensuring the social progress, in the end all efficient instruments of development of scientific processes inevitably promote the qualitative evolution of public relations.

At the same time Socrates–Notion is urged to become one of alternative instruments of unification of scientists from around the world, organization of professional communications and cooperation between them and other persons interested in scientific information. The Registry creates the necessary conditions for providing the wide public with access to objective information about scientific innovations and progressive ideas, creativity of scientists and their real achievements.

Socrates–Notion also offers original and efficient instruments of the scientists' copyright protection as well as objective assessment of the scale and quality of their scientific activity.

The conceptual program called the Open Science is implemented by the International Scientific Registry Socrates–Notion in the sphere of ensuring effective and available communications between scientists and the wide public, as well as the development of additional informal methods of social education and popularization of science. The program assumes the development and distribution of the complex of decorations (special items - material elements) within the framework of the Socrates–Notion project. These decorations are to be visually perceptible by people around. They individualize scientists and emphasize them in the social environment. Such exclusive decorations provide the unlimited number of persons concerned with the chance to easily determine scientists and address them with matters within the scope of their scientific activity. Public use of the above-mentioned decorations by scientists assumes their desire to demonstrate their status and communicate with persons concerned on matters of the corresponding scientific problem in accordance with rules of the present Regulations.

Scientific mission

International Scientific Registry Socrates–Notionis intended for accumulation of personal information about scientists as well as information about their works. The Registry acts as an instrument of open presentation of scientists and scientific activity in the international professional environment. Separate functions of the Registry are focused on ensuring auctorial identification of every scientific work of the scientist and protection of his or her rights for the innovative scientific ideas.

The Registry promotes and stimulates communications between scientists from around the world. It creates conditions for development of scientific communications and cooperation, as well as international distribution of the advanced scientific experience.

The following is offered to the scientist within the framework of functioning of the Registry: scientometric indexing of scientific reports in the Socrates-Impulse database; publication of original monographs of limited circulation under British jurisdiction; publication of Doctoral Codifiers - personal collections of author's reports, articles and theses published in different periods of time and characterizing the main content of scientific activity of the scientist.

Figurants of the Registry are also offered to take part in the program called to the Short Form.

Informational mission

International Scientific Registry Socrates–Notionis urged to act as one of the alternative international instruments of wide and free distribution of scientific information, as well as information about scientists, their published reports and innovative ideas.

Presentational mission

The Registry builds and offers persons concerned a complex of exclusive instruments called the Socrates–Notion. It is intended for effective and resonant presentation of personal information about the scientist, his or her special status, scientific reports, innovations and achievements in the open social environment or professional communities.

Status mission

Participation of the person concerned in the functioning of the Socrates–Notion as the figurant of the Registry ensures the accented emphasizing of his or her scientific status (for the wide community) traditionally characterized by wide public acknowledgment and respect.